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Cameras set up on Route 1 to capture red-light runners

Staff Writer

Camera systems have been installed at three major intersections along Route 1 in Edison in order to catch drivers running red lights.

The equipment is in place at the Route 1 intersections with Plainfield Avenue, Prince Street and Wooding Avenue.

The township has contracted with Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. to operate the cameras and capture license plate images of vehicles that run red lights. The images will be sent to police, who will then mail summonses to the registered owner of each offending vehicle.

Police will begin issuing summonses after an initial warning period, which runs April 25-May 24. No fines will be issued during this 30-day period, but warnings will be sent out. Citations will be issued beginning on May 25.

“Public safety is of utmost concern to my administration,” MayorAntonia Ricigliano said in a statement. “I am confident this system will help in saving lives and preventing accidents.”

Redflex Traffic Systems of Phoenix, Ariz., has more than 20 years’ experience in the partnering with cities for road safety camera programs, according to its website.

The implementation of the red-light cameras in Edison is part of the New Jersey Department of Transportation Red Light Running Automated Enforcement pilot program, launched in 2008. The municipalities involved chose specific locations that have a demonstrated history of violations and crashes related to red-light running. These problem areas have not been resolved by engineering, enforcement and education efforts.

The pilot program is designed to determine whether a traffic control signal monitoring system may be an effective long-term tool to increase safety at these locations.

Gov. Jon Corzine enacted the five-year pilot program in January 2008 to determine the effectiveness of the installation and use of traffic control signal monitoring systems.

Those who receive a ticket will incur an $85 fine, but not the traffic points usually associated with moving violations. The registered owner of the vehicle will receive the summons, regardless of who was driving.

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